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113 thousand sqm provide accommodation for almost 240 retail units, including 190 stores, 20 service units and 30 restaurants and cafes. Each floor in Arkadia has its characteristic leading profile:

The ground floor is the place for everyday shopping: hypermarket, sporting goods, homewares - home appliances, multimedia, furniture, decorative items. The ground floor also houses five restaurants with separate entrances from the front of the building and with outdoor dining areas, accessible irrespective of the centre's opening hours.

The first floor has been designed for fashion and accessories; it chiefly accommodates clothing stores that form the Fashion World. Dedicating the entire first floor to fashion is a specific feature of Arkadia. An appropriate selection of stores ensures that customers have a wide, cross-section offer both in the youth and the family segments, as well as in selected "high end" brands. The first floor also houses a food court, the ENEL-MED medical centre and the Holmes Place fitness club.

The Second floor has been designed for entertainment - a 15-screen multiplex Cinema City.

Fashion and accessories


Culture and entertainment